‘Voice for Actors & Singers’ Workshop

‘Voice for Actors & Singers’ Workshop - Lisa Popeil workshop - Athens

Top American voice coach Lisa Popeil will offer an innovative ‘Voice for Actors’ interactive workshop covering all aspects of voice production as it relates to professional voice development for actors.   Topics include how the voice works, which body parts affect sound,  posture, breathing, support, resonance control for characters, articulation, vocal exploration, preserving vocal health for stage work, and a brief review of how to instantly improve singing ability. 


Lisa Popeil is based in Los Angeles, has a Masters Degree in Voice, has studied voice for 50 years in styles (including opera, pop, rock, soul, jazz and musical theater). She has taught voice for 40 years, is an international voice researcher, and has performed and recorded with Frank Zappa. She’s also is a pianist, composer, songwriter and recording engineer. Lisa is the creator of the Voiceworks® Method and offers numerous instructional DVDs, CDs, and books on her website www.popeil.com

The workshop will be conducted in English language. Limited participants.
Workshop duration is 2 hours. Participation costs 30 euro.


Ο Frank Zappa και η Lisa Popeil επί σκηνής
Frank Zappa and Lisa Popeil on stage.


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